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Wealth in Workers

Labor unions are the heart of the American workforce. Increasing union membership, expanding the rights of workers, and transitioning the wealth of corporations into the hands of the workers must be a government priority. When workers are empowered to collectivize, the entire labor force advances. Working in a capitalist society requires an organized labor force and fearless advocates in Congress who have a real background in labor organizing.

Policy Priorities:

  • A living wage

  • Federal Jobs Guarantee

  • Eliminate guest worker program, and create a visa program.

  • Pathway to citizenship for undocumented farmworkers.

  • Give all government employees the right to unionize. 

  • Build union partnerships with high schools to create and enhance skilled trade apprenticeships for students. 

  • Establish “just cause” and ban “at-will” employment, which allows employers to fire workers for any reason at any time. 

  • Repeal provision 14b in the Taft-Hartley act that 

  • allows states to pass “right to work” laws.

  • Require codetermination for board seats, reserving 45% of seats on Boards for workers.

  • Require companies making over $100 million a year to contribute 5% of their stocks to a worker controlled fund.

  • Passing H.R.582: the Raise the Wage Act, to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour.

  • Banning the permanent replacement of striking workers, so all workers can strike without fear of losing their jobs.

  • Ending the exemption of domestic and agricultural workers from protection under the Fair Labor Standards Act, the National Labor Relations Act, and other federal labor laws.

  • Banning employers from forcing employees to attend anti-union meetings.