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Meet Stephanie


Born and raised in the city of Seattle, Stephanie Gallardo is a true product of the Pacific Northwest. Her father, the late Dr. Gabriel Gallardo, was a refugee who arrived in the 9th Congressional District in 1976 from Purranque, Chile, following a U.S.-backed governmental coup. Dr. G, as he was affectionately known, spent nearly three decades teaching, learning, and supporting students at the University of Washington. Her mother, Veronica Maria Gallardo, was born and raised in Yakima, WA, and moved to Seattle to attend the University of Washington in 1983. After meeting, Gabriel and Veronica quickly married and began raising their three children, Adrian (34), Danny (32), and Stephanie (30). After dedicating several years to raising her children, Veronica returned to her studies and went on to become an award-winning elementary school teacher, Principal, and school district administrator. She currently serves as an Assistant Superintendent at the Washington state Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction.


The story of Stephanie's family is equally as important as Stephanie's life journey. She credits her family, especially her mother and father, with instilling in her a deep understanding of the importance of service, family, community, and history. It is Stephanie's grandparents, Atilio, Luisa, Reyes, and Victoria, who forged a path for Gabriel and Veronica to walk upon. It is Gabriel and Veronica, who shined a light on education so that Stephanie could see the path toward collective liberation.

Since graduating from her Master's in Teaching program at Western Washington University in 2016, Stephanie has been working as a History teacher in the Tukwila School District. Working with a student and community population that boasts nearly 80 languages has prepared her well to understand the varying and intersecting needs of communities across the 9th Congressional District. Working as a teacher has proven one critical truth, that young people have the answers. Stephanie is prepared to make space for young people to lead in Congress. In her second year of teaching, Stephanie was elected to serve on the Board of Directors for the Washington Education Association, and the following year was elected to the Board of Directors of the largest labor union in the country, the National Education Association.

Stephanie currently lives in the South Park neighborhood of Seattle with her husband Jorge.